Our Development Process

We develop intuitive and engaging user experiences across mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. Effective websites are the result of a careful and thoughtful process.

Learn about our strategic and results driven development process.

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Development Process

The Process

Getting to Know You

We spend the time needed to learn as much as possible about your organization.

Some of the questions we ask:

  • What services or products do you deliver?
  • How is your organization structured? Identifying stakeholders and key decision makers will let us work together efficiently and communicate clearly.
  • Who are your existing customers and clients, and what are their needs?
  • What differentiates you from other entities in your market segment?
  • How is your current website performing? What is working well for you, and what needs fixing?

Identifying Your Objectives

What are the specific goals for your website?

Common objectives may include:

  • Expand existing client base.
  • Expand your current services or products?
  • Develop or enhance an existing website to better service your customers.
  • Become the authoritative voice in your market.

Measuring Success

What are the key metrics that will determine the success of your website?

This may include:

  • Number of new and returning visitors to your website.
  • How long do users spend on your website? How many pages do they access?
  • Increase of online sales or subscriptions, if applicable.
  • Increase of user accounts created, if applicable.
  • Savings in the cost associated with customer support and inquiries.

Build List and Timelines

This is the point where we discuss what will be developed and when it will be delivered.

We will provide you with:

  • A specific list of website features and capabilities (e.g. content management system, message forum, ecommerce, membership management, etc).
  • A timeline of when each specific component will be built, tested and deployed.
  • A schedule of training sessions, as required.

Build and Testing

This is when we start to code, develop the look and feel of your website, build graphics, source images, and port existing content as needed.

  • Establish the style of your website through mockups, a visual style guide, and functioning wireframes.
  • Create custom applications and or customize open-source / commercial products.
  • Gather, create or edit existing content as required. This includes: text, graphics, photos and video.
  • Test, test, and then test some more.

Deployment, Monitoring and Maintenance

This is when you announce and launch your shiny new website to the world! However, we don't quit when you launch. We keep a close watch for unforeseen issues, stability and performance. We support what we deliver.

  • Provide ongoing analytics.
  • Provide software updates.
  • Provide training for new employees.
  • Develop new features and functionality.